Starfish – 9.5x8x1cm – Small


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This papier mache Starfish is a perfect way of adding a unique, custom made decorative item to your home.

It’s a great project for people of all ages and makes a fantastic gift whether you decorate it yourself or give it blank for them to decorate themselves!

Can be decorated with Decopatch paper, paint, fabric, stickers, stamps or a combination of them all, whatever your heart desires! There really is so many options that the only limit is your imagination!

However the most popular way is to use the Decopatch Papers. What you need to do is choose your favourite Decopatch Paper or papers, tear it into strips, apply a thin layer of glue to your shape and lay a strip of paper on the glue with a brush. Then apply another thin layer of glue over the paper, gently flattening the paper and edges down using the brush, then leave to dry. Once dry apply a second layer of glue all over, for added protection you can also add a layer of varnish.

All shapes are made from compressed card.