Knit The Alphabet By Claire Garland

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Knit The Alphabet by Claire Garland is exactly as it sounds! It is a book with patterns that will teach you how to knit all 26 letters of the alphabet. As an added bonus Claire has also provided patterns for a heart, star and ampersand.

Your completed letters could then be used as accessories around your home either as initials or spelling out your surname or just a word. You could give them as gifts all sorts of occasions such as a new baby, wedding or birthday. Or you could combine lots of letters to create your favourite phase.

There are plenty of photographs to inspire and demonstrate how and where you might like to place your completed letters.

The letters are in 3D and are quick and easy to make with no seam to sew as they are knitted as one piece.

Every letter comes in 3 sizes all you need to do is change the size of your needle and thickness of your yarn. Once knitted the letters should be approximately 8cm (3.5in), 16cm (6.5in) or 28cm (11in) tall.

It also includes full basic knitting techniques, perfect for beginners and more experienced knitters alike!


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