Bazaar Knits By Jean Greenhowe

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This booklet of Bazaar Knits by Jean Greenhowe is absolutely packed with charity fund-raising knits and gifts for family and friends.

Included in this booklet is –

  • Pedlar Doll
  • Cacti Finger Puppets
  • Message Medals
  • Babyface Brooches
  • Flower Brooches and Bracelets
  • Liquorice Sweet necklace, key rings, earrings and Noughts and Crosses game
  • The Cosy Family consisting of five egg cosies
  • The Tangerine and Lemon Sachets
  • Fragrant Finery Sachets
  • 3 Pincushion Cakes
  • Wristwatch Pincushion
  • Handbag Accessories – make-up bag, glasses case and tissue pocket
  • Rainbow Playballs or Hot Air Balloons and Finer Puppet Passengers
  • Little Bugs
  • Aeroplane Toy and Mobile
  • Picture Frame
  • Desk Tidy
  • Spooky Bank

Jean Greenhowe