DIY Crystal Art Kits - Motif Kit - Dog Paws

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DIY Crystal Art kits are an amazing new way of making art for your home. The pictures are bold, beautiful and so effective. The concept is a combination of paint by numbers and cross stitching and is also known by 5D Diamond Painting. Each kit comes with an adhesive template with numbers or symbols on it and has corresponding packets with either resin gems or coloured dots for you to place. It also has a ‘magic pencil’ which you use to pick up the crystals and easily place them on your template. This craft is extremely therapeutic and relaxing and suitable for adults and children age 6+ and would make an ideal gift for anyone. This kit is for a motif kit called Dog Paws, which can be peeled off once complete and stuff on any craft project or home decor item. Approx size is –  8-10cm Included in this kit is –

    • 1 x crystal art motif
    • bags of crystals
    • pick up pen
    • wax
    • tray